Executive Spotlight: Jay Steinback, CEO of yWhales

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Jay Steinback, and I’m the Co-founder & CEO of yWhales- a company that started making waves in web3 about 2 years ago.

What was your most successful professional accomplishment before you entered the world of web3?

In 2019, just prior to co-founding yWhales, I managed the successful sale of my family’s retail empire to private equity. My wife Amanda and I then founded VUE Enterprises, another corporate ecosystem based in the residential and commercial real estate market. I was also able to leverage my 2+ decades of venture capital and startup experience to become one of the founding board members of Arch Grants. I’m in charge of building the competition selection and due diligence process there.

Can you tell me about yWhales’ mission?

yWhales is shaping the business of Web3 to create a better human experience.

What would you classify as yWhales’ most successful achievement (so far)?

Raising a $5MM seed round from our community and creating our membership base with the Young Presidents Organization.

Has yWhales raised any capital?

Yes, we raised $5MM and used it to build the foundation of our organization.

Any plans to raise more capital in the future?

Yes, the additional capital we plan on raising will be used to expand our technology offerings.

What would you say is the most important 5-year goal for yWhales?

To foster a community and network of over 30,000 professionals.

Let’s stay connected! Where can we find you online?

I muse on web3 on LinkedIn and Twitter and interview industry experts on some of the yWhales Podcast episodes, which you can find on YouTube.