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Game plan

Ahhh, it is always refreshing to see the week ending green.

My #Bitcoin strategy: DCA every 2 weeks and forget.

It is too volatile of an asset to rely on timing. I have the rest of my financial plan in place, my crypto wallet is only a portion of my overall assets. This helps me feel confident in my long-term goals. If you have a concentrated position in any security or asset, it is important to ask yourself these questions.

First, an update on the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) drama from last week. The founders, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, broke their silence in an interview with Bloomberg. We now know that they are headed to Dubai and have been hiding out from aggressive players in the crypto world. 

While they called their actions regrettable, their overall response has been “oops.”

Gerber Kawasaki’s Director of Get Invested, Brett Sifling, shares his reasonings behind recent upticks in Ether’s prices and drops some opinions on the “upcoming” merge.

Elon Musk made headlines yet again after it was reported that Tesla sold 75% of the Bitcoin. Musk stated that “the company’s decision to sell Bitcoin should not be taken as some verdict on the cryptocurrency, and that Tesla remains open to buying Bitcoin again in the future.

For a short period of time, Tesla was accepting Bitcoin as payment for their cars. They have noted that they do plan to bring this back in the future.

Feeling generous and want to spend donate some of your crypto assets to state and local elections? If you are in California, you now can! …well… soon. Give it 60 days from Thursday.

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