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Virtual Times Member Spotlight: Entoro (Houston, TX)

History and Experience – Digital/Blockchain

Entoro Group is a boutique investment banking group, dedicated to creating the premier alternative investment ecosystem globally. We consist of investment banking, US broker-dealer, transfer agent, registered investment advisor, commodity pool operator, valuation services, crypto mining, staking, proprietary funds, and a non-US crypto, NFT, digital securities and private banking exchange. We focus on raising capital or structuring products.

Founded in 2015, Entoro is headquartered is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with over 45 team members globally (US, Europe, and Asia), and has experienced growth both organically and through strategic acquisitions. Our roots trace back to 1988 when the Broker-Dealer was incepted, which has transacted over $14 billion in projects.

Entoro offers an array of innovative vehicles, strategies, valuation products, and securities advisory services. We leverage technology to increase efficiency in our product offerings and operations. As an investment banking group, Entoro continuously deploys the latest technology to streamline the securities and investment sales and the process of designing and offering new digital/crypto products and services.

Philosophy and Vision

Our mission is to provide a full suite of financial services focused on the global adoption of cryptocurrency and digital assets, products, and fintech platforms. We combine technology with financial industry expertise for a wide range of financial necessities, including private securities offerings (Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF), digital and crypto-asset offerings, trading and market making, and financial valuation. We are building an end-to-end system, or digital toolbox, that streamlines investment banking, trading and market making, private securities placement, innovative digital products, and RIA services. We aim to solve high friction, global distribution inefficiencies, and complex compliance requirements for Issuers and Investors. We focus on distributing quality investment opportunities through securities and other financial products to individual Investors, Endowments, Foundations, Institutions, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Entoro aims to be the leading integrated crypto/digital asset finance and technology company. Our firm has built a portfolio of digitally-focused solutions for raising capital, financial advisory, securities offerings, tokenization, and valuation/ratings.

Our main verticals are:

  • Investment Banking and Broker-Dealer (Entoro Capital/Entoro Securities)
  • Registered Investment Advisor (Entoro Investments, Atomi, and Registered Funds)
  • Valuation and Digital Ratings (Clear Rating)
  • Technology (OfferBoard®/Entoro Digital Vault)
  • Venture Capital (GreenMine, 1transfer)

Entoro’s Drivers of Digital and Crypto Activity

Entoro Investments — The First Digital RIA™ — offers several products, strategies, funds, and portfolios for digital assets and crypto:

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs): we have developed several models that incorporate an element of holding digital assets

Gray Swan Fund (filed, awaiting SEC approval): The Gray Swan Fund is a closed-end interval fund that expects to invest in a blend of NFTs, Metaverse-related projects, and NILs, creating a first-of-its-kind registered NFT investment product

Other Strategies: In addition to future proprietary funds, Entoro Investments offers Investors access to other premier digital-focused funds, and the Swiss Digital Asset Fund

Entoro Capital (Investment Bank), Entoro Securities (Broker-Dealer), Entoro Digital Vault, OfferBoard®, Entoro Commodities, Entoro Ventures, and Clear Rating work together to evaluate, offer, and sell unique digital/crypto products and services. Entoro has and continues to earn success as an investment banking group in the digital and crypto asset industry.

Entoro Investments – The First Digital RIA

Entoro Investments is a Registered Investment Advisor and asset manager for a portfolio of professionally managed investment strategies. Each portfolio strategy encompasses a digital asset component, coupled with pre-determined risk exposure, making Entoro Investments the First Digital RIA.

Entoro Investments believes it is much more important to focus on where markets are going rather than where they have been. We take a forward-looking process to embrace utilization of new asset classes in combination with traditional ones. Each of our professionally managed strategies encompasses a digital asset component. Our strategies offer

Investors a way to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency sector with a pre-determined risk exposure. Each portfolio offers Investors a means of participating in the digital asset market while lowering logistical barriers to entry such as exchange access, custody, and execution costs.

Diversification is said to be the only “free lunch” within investing.

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