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Art is in the Eye of the Coin Holder

Ever watch two lawyers talk about art? This isn’t the setup to a joke – this episode Jason and Philip talk about their relationship with art and how art is operationalized and monetized in virtual worlds that need to be created.

They are joined by Robbi Firestone, an artist who has successfully sold her digital artwork via blockchain technology and someone passionate about how the metaverse could lead to worlds exploding with creativity and expression.

Could is the operative word because if Jason’s doodles make the metaverse, it would become an amateurish hellscape.

About Robbi Firestone:

Robbi Firestone is an internationally renowned NFT & fine artist, Creative Director, NFT project consultant. Firestone interviews “Founders, Builders & Creators bridging Web2 to Web3 to design an Equitable, Sustainable Future for Humanity & Planet On Chain & Beyond.

A MakersPlace Featured Artist, Firestone’s NFTs exhibited 2022 at SXSW & Art Basel Miami. Other 2022 NFT Art Exhibitions include O(v.)erturned, WOCA DoingGud Gender Equality, Domance, Searchlight NFT Cr3ativeXNYC, Domelandia, FigureGlyph & FortGalleryNFT Future Femme, among others.

Firestone’s works have been featured in The New York Times, Worth Magazine, LA Travel, Boston Herald, Huffington Post & more. Artistically facile, Firestone explores traditional, digital and non-art mediums, “Best to render the message.” Firestone’s art installation, The Empty Womb, premiered @United Nations with same title documentary film about the Firestone by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Betsy Chasse (What the Bleep do We Know?).

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