You are currently viewing Creating Value out of Thin (air)? How to Value “Things” in the Metaverse

Creating Value out of Thin (air)? How to Value “Things” in the Metaverse

Do you remember that cool scene in the Matrix when Morpheus beat Neo in the metaverse dojo and asked “you think that’s air you’re breathing”? Well, I wondered what the value of the property damage to the dojo was.

Helping Philip and Jason understand how to value things in the metaverse is Joe Brennan of Houlihan Capital – an expert in valuation in the real world and online. We go through a fake scenario to talk about why things online matter and what value means, like really, man.

About Joe Brennan:

Joe Brennan is a Vice President in the firm’s Valuation and Financial Advisory Group, where he helps perform valuation work that covers financial reporting, tax, strategic planning, and fairness opinions. Mr.Brennan’s   primary   focus   is   on   assisting   the   firm’s   crypto asset   clients,   working   closely   with   fund managers and investment advisers to identify, analyze, and solve unique valuation challenges. Prior to joining Houlihan Capital, Mr. Brennan spent over three years at Cohen & Company, where he specialized in illiquid crypto asset valuation and consulting work for several high-profile hedge fund, venture  capital fund,  and private equity  fund clients that needed assistance while navigating this nascent asset class. Prior to Cohen, Mr. Brennan issued fairness opinions for both buy- and sell-side transactions and annual valuation updates of ESOP-owned companies with annual EBITDA between$500,000 and $120.0 million. Mr. Brennan earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance at Marquette University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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