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Prüf is in the Pudding (on the blockchain)

Have you ever bought anything online and wondered “is this real”? Did you buy a “genuine” Rolex while vacationing overseas? Do you own a Bored Ape – but the JPEG version?

Safe to say then that you’ve probably wondered whether what you have is real and therefore valuable.

Special guest James Smyth of Prüf joins Jason and Philip to and educate on how blockchain can help with establishing and tracking the history and authenticity of physical and digital assets and how his decentralized, DAO governed protocol works.

Join as they pontificate (in a fun way?) about what value authenticity brings, why it’s important and why it’s dumb to fetishize tech.

About James Smyth:

James Smyth is a co-founder and technical lead at – an EVM-deployable NFT issuance and management ecosystem which brings a verifiable chain of trust to brands and individuals across a variety of industries.

James is a software developer and leader with a passion for organizational architecture, circular economies, and data structure design.

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