You are currently viewing Issue #9: The Amazing, Spectacular Metaverse: Half Verse / All Meta

Issue #9: The Amazing, Spectacular Metaverse: Half Verse / All Meta

This episode, Jason reveals a love for Top Gun: Maverick and finds his dream “roll” learning about DnD. Philip explains what a dungeon master is, why collective delusion is really cool, and happily speaks up when Jason asks him to “talk to me, Goose.”. Both talk to Eben Matthews, founder of Macroverse, a Web3 entertainment studio seeking to revolutionize storytelling using new business and creative tools offered in spaces like the metaverse and they all get really excited by the idea of multidirectional and fractionalized content. This, of course, leads to lawyers solving everything, intellectual property as the really real and culminates in zero conclusions reached. Stay tuned!

More about Eben Matthews:

Eben Matthews is the Co-Founder and CEO of Macroverse – a web3 studio and platform that is reinventing digital comics and making content that brings creators, collectors, fans and participants at every level together to build the next world-wide entertainment franchises.

Eben is a designer, illustrator and content creator with twenty-five years working in advertising, branding, new media, gaming and animation, including work for Nike, Target, Rovio, Activision, Yarn, Shortz, and directing the Creepshow Halloween Special for AMC.

The Macroverse founders have been directly responsible for 100M+ game downloads and 20M+ views of produced entertainement content. They have over 75 years of collective experience creating, producing and shipping content across film, television, animation, games, comics and new media. They have the rare personal expertise to craft and build entertainment franchises and the vision to scale a next generation studio using state of the art technologies to empower and reward all involved.

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